Blue Gold Flight

BLUE GOLD Flight® is a revolutionary heavy-duty, multi-surface cleaner/degreaser specifically formulated and safe for general aviation use. It’s non-toxic, non-corrosive, and inhibits rust. Throw away all of your old cleaners - there’s finally a single cleaner that can go from tail to spinner and still be safe for your leading edges including the boots. If it’s water-safe, it’s BLUE GOLD Flight® safe

Removes Bugs

Blue Gold Flight removes even the most stubborn, dried-on bugs from the delicate areas of your plane without scrubbing.

Safe on Screens

Blue Gold Flight is safe for use on steam gauges as well as the most modern glass cockpit available on the market.

Safe for Exterior Use

Forget spending hours on a crawler scrubbing your plane. Blue Gold Flight makes post-flight clean-ups fast, easy, and safe - even on the undercarriage.

Safe for Interior Use

Name another cleaner that can go from cleaning oil grease build-up from your engines to your leather seats... it's okay, we'll wait.

Safe on Glass

Blue Gold Flight quickly cuts through the grime and bugs on your windows and makes them sparkle in just a few seconds.

About Us

Blue Gold Flight is produced and sold by Modern Chemical and prides itself on quality and service.

Modern Chemical was established in 1972, out of a desire and need for a quality industrial cleaner that was environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-hazardous to workers and could replace dangerous or potentially hazardous products.

To date, we have the only product recommended by ALL four major aircraft engine manufacturers: Pratt & Whitney, G.E. Engines, Allison Engine and Rolls Royce. Blue Gold is recommended in their manuals to replace chlorinated hydrocarbons in various applications.

Safety Tested

Blue Gold Flight - a cleaning product that's both powerful and safe.

Blue Gold Flight has been rigorously tested by expert through the years and is proven safe for both airplanes and the pilots themselves.

Blue Gold Flight: Expert Tested - Quality Guaranteed
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Blue Gold Flight 32oz.

• Ready-to-Use formula penetrates grease, oil and dirt on contact

• Creates barrier between stain and surface

• Inhibits rust on treated surfaces

• Removes even the toughest stains in minutes

• Safe and effective for all aviation surfaces

• If it's water-safe, it's Blue Gold Flight safe

• Biodegradable and non-abrasive

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Blue Gold Flight is a division of Modern Chemical, Inc.

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